Water Management Solutions to Increase the Value of Your Community


Let’s get right to the point: if you’re not scientific about watering and do not have a water management plan, you’re wasting water and money. Paying somebody to adjust your watering schedules a couple times a year and guess when enough water has landed on your landscape is at best inefficient, and most likely wasteful. This is especially true today, when there are amazing new technologies available that can take the guesswork out of irrigation. This is what water management is all about – The right people and the right stuff.

LandscapeWater.com was established because we saw a huge gap between what was possible and what was being done. Our solutions pull weather data from very local sources that measure the moisture depletion from your soil, and then apply the right amount of water to your landscape. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated a smart controller is…if you’re not able to work with it, it won’t work for you. That’s why we strive to make every aspect of water conservation simple and easy-to-use.


We can typically show you a positive return on your investment within two years.

We’re not looking to replace anybody’s landscape professional—We’re Water Management experts looking to arm landscape professionals with the technology to water their properties properly. That’s because we have found that when you water accurately, you not only save money, you grow a healthier landscape.

Working with us, everyone saves time and money, because they can control everything from a website or even a smart phone; property owners and managers save money because everything is watered based on science and that day’s weather data; and the landscape gets exactly what it needs every day to be healthy.





Did you know?

The Arizona Drought Monitoring Technical Committee has classified some areas of the state as abnormally dry to severe. In addition, Arizona is the second fastest-growing state in the nation. This growth, combined with our normally arid climate further taxes our water supply. The state has more than 80 partnerships with the EPA’s WaterSense® program in order to use water efficiently and preserve it for future generations. Source EPA.gov – PDF