Water Management Services

Our Method

Interaction — We start by meeting with the property owners, management companies, and landscape professionals. After studying each property individually, we build a package that addresses your water usage based on sprinkler efficiency, runtime minutes, landscape, and below-ground hydraulic management.

Independent — We work with multiple manufacturers to determine what’s best for you. There is no one product that works best for every possible application. So we only recommend product once we have assessed your property and situation.

Accountability — As we move forward making enhancements to your irrigation system, we monitor and log the results. There is no such thing as “set it and forget it” when it comes to water conservation. The right technology will get you some savings, but it’s the people managing that technology who can maximize your savings. We offer extensive property assessments, extended monitoring services, and training programs for your landscaper. We are looking to work with owners, property managers, and landscapers who are interested in using the technology to its fullest potential. After all, people save water — technology is just one more tool.

Our Approach

We are focused on saving water, which saves you money. Our services are custom-built around each client and each property.

Budget — We start with your water management budget. We look at how you determined your current budget and then we look at the other facts that contribute to your water usage. Most people use their year-over-year usage to determine their budget for the next year. We take a slightly more involved approach. We factor in the square footage of your turf areas and non-turf areas, the age of the property (for efficiency), the plant types, and the density of plants (among other things), and then use the Arizona Department of Water Resources allotment guidelines — plus our real-life experience — to create a water budget that accurately reflects your property. We compare this budget to your current usage to determine how soon you will see a return on your investment (ROI) from upgrading to our services. 

It’s as easy as giving us your water bills, and we’ll do the rest.

Three-Step Approach—Next we focus on three areas for cutting your water usage. *Please note that this pertains only to irrigation, not landscaping best practices.

  • Runtime minutes — The quickest way to lower your water usage is to reduce how much you water using Smart Timers. Using the latest technology, we can provide you with a system that adjusts the runtime minutes on your irrigation controller automatically. We’ll also look at how best to water in order to reduce runoff — limiting liabilities, and so that the watering does the most good at your root zone. Water Management 101
  • Sprinkler efficiency — If your system is aging and not performing the way it was designed or installed, we will make recommendations on how to improve it. These recommendations can be implemented over time by your landscaper or as you upgrade your irrigation controllers.
  • Flow sensing — To address aging pipes, vandalism, accidents, and acts of God, we can use below-ground hydraulic management (or flow sensing) to spot leaks and clogs and react to them. Using flow sensors and master valves that measure every drop of water traveling through your pipes, we can spot high and low flow as well as unscheduled flows. We can also program the system to shut off automatically and send an email to your landscaping professional within minutes. That way you don’t get any midnight geysers or Friday afternoon waterfalls.